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February 13, 2012

White tern 1

Gygis alba, white tern (Sparrman 1786)

Do you know that there are cells in your body that when left unchecked, would go ahead and break your bones? Are you able to address a slightly squished bug on your windshield by its proper binomial appellation, but can’t remember the names of your neighbors? Do you know that the weird dance they do at the German Oktoberfest where they slap their thighs and shoes is mimicking the mating ritual of an alpine bird? Do you also constantly forget how to access video text on your TV with your remote control, or how to record the message for your answering machine? Do you love to play around with geek gadgets like Apophysis*?


Well, congratulations, you’re one very weird person.

You’re also possibly me.

*that’s what made the picture in my header, just in case the answer is no